Iconoclast is the name of the group in spirit who speak through their medium, Lyn Guest de Swarte. Many of their answers to questions put by spiritual enquirers were printed in the old Psychic News newspaper. The development guided meditations CD is available from amazon.co.uk and to download from Deezer, ITunes, etc. Iconoclast by Lyn Guest de Swarte. Here is an interesting example on table turning.

The Question: Can you tell us about the authenticity of table turning?

The Answer: We will refer to the authenticity of phenomena emanating from the spirit realms but we shall not comment individually on any specific occurrence.
It is authentic as an exposition of the power of the Spirit of Almighty God, but one should never rule out the opportunities for those of baser mind to sully such demonstration by trickery. This is why we have been attempting to assist in the production of such physically manifested phenomena in your 'broad daylight' so-to-speak. This requires special qualities in our chosen instruments who have to fulfill our stringent requirements.
What are these requirements?
These are for us to know and for you to puzzle over.
It is planned at this time in the history of humankind to bring the knowledge that there is no death of the individual personality to those now living on the earth plane. This phenomena on its own will not convince human beings of the need to love one another as expounded by the Great Teacher, or that mercy and charity are indivisible parts of that expression of love. The truth that all humanity is as one spirit individualised as though each were a portion of a lovely cake, this we feel must accompany all exhibitions that we may allow.
It may not suit great intellects, or at least who consider themselves to be possessors of such, to consider themselves as a piece of cake, but the fact is that you cannot have a delicious and substantial cake without appropriately resonating ingredients which then must all be cooked together, thus demonstrating that each individual is as important as the next, and all go to make the entire whole. It was Epictetus who said that the circumference of God is nowhere yet the centre is everywhere, so why not envisage a beautiful cake.
Those who propel inanimate objects through the mediumship of their beloveds on the earth plane are happy to know that the Great Truth, the principle of unconditional love and unconditional life continuous shall see the light of day, and the earth shall be bathed in the light of the Great Spirit.
May it bless all of you.