Be your own medium! Welcome to Rev Lyn Guest de Swarte's unique private mediumship home tutorials, which include practical application.



Called "the world's greatest clairvoyant" by the Bild newspaper in Germany, "a witch" by a popular newspaper in Israel and was given 3 pages in the L'isha glossy mag too; "psychic ability in spades" said the feature headline in the UK's Good Housekeeping and in an Express newspaper article, "a shiver ran down my spine" among many other commendations.

Not least is Sir Richard Heygate's words at the book launch of his 'Book of English Magic' in which Lyn is featured, that, "she is a credible Spiritualist". Editor of the SNU's New Communicator just a couple of years before being appointed editor of the Psychic News weekly Spiritualist newspaper in which post she stayed for nearly 7 years, Lyn was resident medium (called Psychic Lyn) for Tiscali internet portal provider later "Talk Talk" answering free to customers online spiritual enquiries, and later editing the issues of Spiritual News in 2008.

There have been repeat updated versions of her original book Principles of Spiritualism, that have all sold out. The current volume is now entitled "The Spiritualists' Handbook" available of course on Known for her down to earth approach to all things spiritual, and Spiritualist, Rev Lyn has always held circles for psychic and spiritual development and has many good mediums working away for the religious movement she has done so much to promote over the years.

Mediums like Ivan Lee, Judith Freeman, Karen Middleton, Shirley Monaco and Nick Brown to name but 5 of the best known.

Nick is in fact the maker of the filmed tutorials that we hope you enjoy watching, listening and learning from!  It was the last Pope that prompted this series! It was written in the Vatican newspaper that the Pope had said it is alright to communicate with loved ones who have passed away - but not to consult a medium.

So here you are! A private lesson! How to be your own medium.