In search of Spiritualist unity… It’s hardly surprising that Spiritualism is fragmented, cast into many and various groups and organisations, all seeming to hold diverse views on how Spiritualism should be, and in what manner it should be practised. This is unsurprising, given that all the world’s religions display the same characteristics.

But aren’t we, Spiritualists, constantly reiterating that we are the root of all religious belief systems, primarily because we understand that all religions have been founded on revelation from the realms of light through their prophets’ mediumship.
Spiritualists know that all are one. That humankind is one, and that as we are all of the One Spirit, physicality being quickened in the womb by a divine spark, that once born and growing to adulthood, we should then be above petty doctrinal dispute, and more, that we should have no resort to dogma.
We also know that we all inherit eternal life. That continuous existence of the human psyche is a fact regardless of creed - and that all manifestations of life, motivated by the divine spark, is endless, and that this can be proved by mediumship.
Unfortunately, that last affirmation places us beyond the pale, as far as all those other religions are concerned.
Even if some believe that we are all able to transcend physical death and live on in the hereafter, they will prescribe a qualifying condition that decides where their own adherents end up, and equally where the unbelievers of their particular spiritual posit will reside.
But the biggest problem to the cohesion of Spiritualists and Spiritualism, has been the schism between those who maintain we should have no single leader, or founding figure to worship, and those who consider themselves Christians. Or Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and so on.
The fact is, that orthodox Christianity and its churches, in its organised form today, apart from requiring all who would claim to be Christian within their enclaves, as disparate as they may be, to accept the premise that only Christians can attain an afterlife, and to accept that Jesus died to save them from sin and the pit, will not accept Spiritualism, or Spiritualists, as Christian anyway! Even if those Spiritualists define themselves as Christian!
For instance, the national organisation, ‘Churches Together’ will have no truck with Spiritualists, even Christian Spiritualists.
Of course, Spiritualists affirm that we are responsible for our own salvation. And expect retribution or compensation for all we do, right and wrong, hereafter. But even those philosophical and doctrinal statements fade into insignificance as we are accused of what we are most proud! Speaking to the spirits of the dead!
Therefore, I would present the case for accepting ALL Spiritualists who are of other faiths and who are proscribed by the organisations and edicts of those said faiths, and in particular avowed Christians, into the family of all organised religious grouping of Spiritualists, at least as respected affiliates.
It would be beneficial to the Spiritualist religion and movement, as a whole. Not only as a demonstration of that tolerance we hear so much of, and see so little of in our own enclaves, but would increase the numbers, credibility and public presence, of Spiritualism itself.
There is so little difference in essence, from the mystical expression of other religions, and certainly in Christian Spiritualism, that I would say there is nothing to fear as long as people accept the basic accepted Spiritualist Principles as a first guide.
I consider that in the interests of furthering religious Spiritualism in an increasingly secular milieu, with television, theatre and internet psychics mushrooming, that the various Spiritualist groups, churches, organisations, cease looking at any restriction on service format, ceremonial, and clerical or other clothing for its mediums and ministers too!
Reverend Lyn The photo is of Gavin Smalley the medium for the evening service at Littleport Christian Spiritualists and me in my usual garb.